Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beat Streuli's from "8th Ave/35th Street" Album

Beat Streuli is a photographer whose work is focused on street portraits in different cities all over the world. Streuli captures people in everyday life, walking the streets of different cities. Each photograph depicts an ordinary person you would see walking the streets in the respective city. I chose this photo because it is of two young people, walking arm in arm in New York and I think it’s a very natural picture. I also like how the young couple is the focus of attention but that you can still see others walking in the background and going on with everyday life. The viewer can tell that the subject has no idea that he or she is being photographed and I think that gives the photo more of a natural and real feel to it. Streuli’s work has been seen on billboards and ads in several cities. He does a great job of capturing the cultural differences of each place and of his subjects in those destinations as well.

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