Sunday, October 2, 2011


The piece that I chose for this week's discussion is called 'Shirley', by Gary Schneider done in 2001. This piece may only look like one portrait, but in fact it is a series of portraits. Schneider turned this print into a four-year project of color photographs. Like the piece that I chose for last week's discussion, this was also done with very long exposures, approximately ten minutes, in a dark space, with a flashlight. This portrait is a mixer of different exposures done one part of the fact at a time. They are then recorded on one sheet of transparency film. All different expressions were recorded over time. Schneider completed many of these portraits, all of which are his friends. I chose this piece because I am fascinated with the up-close detail in the sitter's face, as well as some of the more messy portions from the long sitting exposures.

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