Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Craigie Horsfield

I chose Craigie Horsfeild's "Mary Moszynska" (1995) because it fit the mood I was in at the time. Horsfield is known for black and white photography/ portraits of individuals who don't pose fort he camerz. In our text there is another 1995 photograph call "Albert Martin, Avigunda de Puig de Jorba, Vallbona, Barcelona". I think Horsfield's photography is so eye-catching because the subjects are usually without much expression and the composition is interesting. In this photo, Mary the women is staring off at something in the distance (something unknown to us). In the photo in the text the subject in angled away from the camera and their is person in the background you cannot make out. These pictures are interesting because they aren't clear on what exactly is going on.

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