Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Singh Twins: Amrit and Rabindra

I chose this picture because I thought it was very interesting. It is a picture of David Beckham, and his pop star wife, Victoria. In the picture there are numerous different things that seem so odd to be scattered throughout the picture. You see Beckham holding a young boy in a soccer outfit holding a soccer ball, a lion is sitting underneath them, there is another soccer player holding a platter with soccer shoes on it, and another man holding something that says I heart Beckham on it. I thought that all of these things were so interesting and odd at the same time, which is what brought my attention to the picture. What I also found strange was the fact that there was a cat head and dog head on two human bodies. I think that the artist was trying to show celebrity culture "and the ways in which the media and commercialisation of sport transform the everyday man into a universal hero.

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