Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Sister Sophie by Catherine Goodman

This portrait really caught my eye when i was flipping through the art text book. It wasn't the fact that the portrait was attractive because to me it wasnt at all. The woman in the  piece is morbidly obese and really is not a very enticing looking. The woman in this picture is the authors disabled sister. He loved painting in complete silence and that is why he says he loved painting her. He claims that his sister in the picture looks quite contemplative and seems to have a sense of trust in him. One thing I happened to like about this picture was the light blues he used to bring out her outfit as well as the darker blues in the background. Even though the picture to me is not very pretty or attractive looking there was a good background behind why he painted her . I still think that it would have been nicer if he painted her in a nicer way to maybe show off more of her traits and not so much her weight. 

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