Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dancing Ostriches- Paula Rego

This painting was done by Paula Rego and is entitled Dancing Ostriches (1995). It is pastel on paper which was then mounted on aluminum. It is part of a series with the dancers posed in different places. It was influenced by the Disney film Fantasia and having animation for classical music. Ballet dancing is one place where classical music is brought to life and a story to the music is portrayed. Although these dancers don't look like a typical ballerina. Their bodies a muscular and almost look more man-like build. The artist is known for unfeminine or even brutal looking so as not to look like idealized types of men. She placed pillows and the brick under the front dancer so that she may maintain her somewhat awkward pose. They also don't look like they have the grace of what you would think a ballerina would have with flexed feet jagged positions.

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