Monday, October 31, 2011

"Marina's Room, 1987" & "Marina and Peter 1997" by Tina Barney

Tina Barney photographs families in their natural environments, usually their homes. In the first photo taken in 1987, Barney had directed the father and daughter how to pose and she chose a very loving pose, which showed a loving relationship between them. In the second photograph, taken 10 years later, Barney allowed them to strike their own pose and one can see that they chose a more head on photograph where they don't seem to have a very strong relationship or bond. By juxtaposing the two photos, one can see the changes that have taken place in the 10 years. Barney does a great job of showing the father daughter relationship in a natural setting. Most of her work is of affluent families and shows their own private lives and Barney tries to capture the dynamics of the family in all her work. I really enjoyed these two photographs because it reveals what can happen to a relationship in ten years and how the interaction between father and daughter can change drastically. I believe its a very strong photograph and Barney truly reveals the nature of families and how behind closed door how interactions can be very different.

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