Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alexander and Eun Ju

I chose this painting because it is very contrasting. The side that the man is standing on has more light than that of the woman's. Both sides are quite different. The woman's side illustrates a more spiritual, religious typed lifestyle where as the man's side has a tie and books which shows a lifestyle that involves work. The man has no shirt on where as the woman is fully clothed. The man has a tattoo which looks to be the language of the woman and the woman is wearing a tie which is ultimately apart of a man's wardrobe. How they share eachother's style represents that they are connected in some way despite of the extreme differences in their culture and lifestlye. The holding of hands further proves the point that they "meet in the middle" among their different lifestyles. If you look closely you can see that the book's on the man's side are of korean decent. The small statures in the background and shoes also look of korean decent. This raises questions as to if the woman is the dominant person in the relationship since there is more of her culture than his assuming that he is not korean. I also found it interesting that you can't see the womans feet but you can see the man's. They are also looking in opposite directions which may be symbolic of them seeing the world differently.

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