Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mona Lisa

I chose this painting by Morimura because I thought it was interesting. The portrait itself is actually of Morimura who is dressed up to be the mona lisa. Morimura is famous for posing as many key people and learned about the history of these individuals to create a powerful image. In his personal version of the Mona Lisa, he emphasized the lack of expression in the real Mona Lisa's face well. The dark colors he used and the background are the same as the real Mona Lisa Painting. Morimura's tendancy to pose as various popular figures makes me wonder what his personality is like. All his self-portraits are of him being disguised or portrayed as another human being. I think he is trying to illustrate that there are many components to his own personality. It may even mean that he only feels comfortable in his own skin when he is being portrayed as someone else.

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