Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gillian Wearing "Self-Portrait at Three years old", 2004

Wearing's photograph depicts herself at the age of three. What is amazing about this photograph is she is wearing a mask of her younger self and if you look closely you can see her adult eyes. Wearing is also known for photographing everyday people holding signs that tell of their emotions. One can tell that Wearing enjoys capturing the the deep and inner thoughts of a person and finding out what they are really thinking. "Self-Portrait at Three years old" is a a different take on a self-portrait because she is looking back on her younger self with the eyes of her present self. The viewer would not be able to tell she is wearing a mask, unless you look closely at the eye holes. I believe Wearing did this to show the viewer that the photograph is somewhat of an illusion. This photo struck me as very unique and well thought out. I think having the photo in black and white also added a nostalgic aspect to it and it would not have been as powerful if it was in color.

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