Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jungle Queen 1

Jungle Queen I was created by Hew Locke in 2003. It is made from wood and cardboard base, glue, and mixed media (pom-poms, feather trim, beads toys, etc.). This image was influenced by the artist intrigue in the royal family and Queen Elizabeth II and growing up in Guyana. I choose this artwork because it was so intriguing with so much to look at even though it is just a picture. I cant imagine seeing it in person with it standing about 9ft tall. There are so many things that you are unable to see from just looking at the picture and it's described by the book as not only being a portrait but also an ecosystem. Some things that you can't see include toy soldiers sniping at each other and the animals within. I like how he used so many different things making a jungle scene while also managing to also make it into a picture.

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