Friday, September 9, 2011

Willie Doherty's "Non-Specific Threat V (Nauseating Barbarity)", 2003

Willie Doherty's portrait illustrates the darker side of a person and shows an ominous setting that draws the viewer in. This photograph does not give much information, which leaves a lot up to the viewer to interpret. Doherty does not give any indication of who the man is or what he represents, leaving the viewer to make his or her own judgements. The background of the picture is an alley, which to most signifies a threatening situation. The subject used, which most would say is a stereotype of a "skinhead", can also be seen as rather intimidating. The darkness around the man's eyes can be very unsettling and adds to the heightened sense of danger. Most of Doherty's work represents the troubles in Northern Ireland and to me, this photograph is a clear interpretation of these sinister and violent times. I think Doherty was really able to capture the "bad guy" persona and influence viewers to see the subject this way without giving much information. I believe it is a great depiction of the everyday sense of intimidation and threat that exists amongst us.

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