Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jenny Saville, Reverse, 2002-3

This picture is titled "Reverse" by Jenny Saville, and it is an oil on canvas. I chose this picture because I found it very interesting. The first thing I found interesting was the colors that were used and how dark her lips were, which drew more attention to the surgery that was done, especially with the blood on her teeth. In Reverse, "the flesh becomes like a material", which "allows her work to retain its characteristically raw, emotive style". Saville states that shes sees "it as empowering that [she manages] to use [her] body to make something positive, whether [she likes] it or not." This shows a positive attitude towards a truthful portrayal of the human body and condition. I also found it interesting that you could see the reflection of her face next to her. I think that she ultimately was trying to show how she viewed plastic surgery, and how she could "play out" the contradictions that she felt towards plastic surgery.

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