Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shirley by Gary Schneider

This picture is called Shirley and was made  by Gary Schneider in 2001. This portrait really intised me and took my attention as soon as I saw it. There are not many pictures that can be captured the way he captured this woman. He not only drew this picture but incorporated the camera into one of the tools he used. He would one by one take a picture of each part of the persons face and then transofrm it onto one sheet of film. Not only is this portrait very real and natural looking he made a huge spin on it. He used a very long exposure time and allowed the light to capture through her glasses and make a very unique effect. I loved the look of the picture and even the color he captured of the woman's rosy cheeks and bright red lipstick. He also would take these pictures in a dark room with a flashlight to add the mystical light effect.The light in her glasses almost look as of they were swirls of white smoke which makes it even more interesting.  One thing he was very known for was these portraits not only told a  story about the people in them but they told a story about the artist as well.

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