Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jorge, from Pictures of Magazines, 2003

I chose Jorge, from 'Pictures of Magazines' by Vik Muniz because of how it looks. At first glance it looks like an awesome single piece of work but when you really look at it in detail you see that it is all hole punched magazines put together. The art piece convey's a sense of mystery to me. The collage pieces of paper can give the art piece a slightly different look each time that someone see's it. At one glance i see a man who is blank and is unemotional but when i looked at it a bit longer i see a slight smile. To me I think Vik Muniz was showing a musician who was creating a song in his head. The cut magazine words in the background could mean how much inspiration he had or how jumbled all his thoughts were.
Overall a great piece of art work.

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