Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Star:Karisma Kapoor, 2000 color

Catherine Yass is an English Artist who is noted for her brightly colored photographs which present images both positive and negative. Many of which are mounted on light boxes. Yass became particuarly conscious of the indian film industry while living in London's multi cultural East end. She traveled to Mumbai to make this series, which depicts of India's most popular film stars, along with four photographs of cinema interiors. As seen here her portraits employ a bright and varied color scheme, intensified by her use of light boxes. This portrait is a Ilfochrome transparency, light box. Viewing the light boxes as a form of sculpture, Yass says, "light boxes also have internal space, like the space inside us". This particular portrait is of Karisma Kapoor, a member of India cinema's Kapoor clan, which reflects the expansive color repertoire of most Bollywood films. Yass's portraits exist somewhere between reality and dreams, like the fictional world of Bollywood. I chose this portrait because of the bright colors which really stood out to me. The woman in the portrait seems expressionless in this bright surrounding. True to her work it seems like there is a line between reality and dreams in this portrait.

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