Monday, September 12, 2011

"Thomas Ades" by Philip Hale 2002

This is a portrait of "Thomas Ades," by Philip Hale created in 2002. I chose this piece as soon as I saw it mainly because I was bothered by it. The way Ades poses is unique and unconventional because of how odd his fingers and feet are positioned. I can’t help but think that this guy has no control over his body. The glass of water sitting close to the edge of the translucent table kept teasing me every moment I stared at it. I kept visualizing in my head of the glass falling off the table and shattering all over the floor. I couldn’t even read this man's facial expression. Is he sad? Is he tired? Who knows... but for the most part, this painting looks extremely realistic. At first, I thought it was an actual photograph of Thomas Ades, but it turns out to be an “oil on canvas” painting.

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