Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Face 9 by Peter Kennard/

The portrait I have chosen is called Face 9 by Peter Kennard created in 2002. When flipping through the art textbook this picture defintely captured my attention and pulled me in. It is not one of your normal everyday portraits. This is very unique and different in that it shows you a mans face, but does not express many significant details. The face seems to be shown within a cloudy background and below the nose has very suddle, back and white details. This image the way it is portrayed seems to "cry out something that is incommunicable. It expresses how important language is as well as freedom of speech and how within minutes can be taken away from us. The eyes closed tightly shut proclaims the need for freedom and liberty. The man in this picture is shown almost as if he is pleading for justice or as if he is scared of the unknown.This also shows the affect the military can have on people , especially in certain areas of the world.

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