Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daphne Todd's "Last Portrait of Mother"

This portrait by Daphne Todd is a painting of her dead mother. She took it after her mother had passed away and it is at the refrigerated room of the funeral parlor. I think the picture is a bit morbid, but is painted very well. There are not many colors in the painting, which I believe gives a good representation of the situation. Todd captures her mother in a very unusual state, which most artists do not do. When first looking at the picture, you would not think that the mother is actually dead, but maybe just very frail and sickly. Todd's mother had given her permission to paint her deceased body a year before she died. She had worked for three days straight in order to complete the portrait and the undertaker had given her permission to do this as well. Todd won the BP Portrait Award in 2010 for this piece as well.

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