Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Philip-Lorca diCorcia Los Angeles 1993

I have looked at diCorcia's series of "heads" and this series is of Cities, he took pictures of many different people in different cities in different areas on the street, Candidly. It is a Chromogenic color print and is currently at the MoMA in New York. This photograph stood out to me in particular because the homeless man isn't in the front of the picture, he is to the side. He looks blended into the picture when you first look at it, and your view sort of looks to the left and then skims over to the rest of the portrait. He is on hollywood boulevard an area filled with celebrity, but as I looked at him and then passed on to the rest of the picture, I realized that this is what makes teh picture brilliant. He isn't lit up or flashy he is there in his simplicity as an ordinary passerby on the street, living so close to New York City you get used to seeing homeless people and simply ignoring their presence, as I had done in this picture. His clothes blend into either side of the street with the light shining down the middle and beyond, in other photographs by diCorcia, this isn't the case, so I found it interesting how un-detailed this picture may seem but how the photograph gives you a real life point of view.

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