Monday, November 7, 2011

St Claire (Thirty Seven Wanks Across Northern Spain), 2003 - Grayson Perry

I chose this painting because I thought it was really interesting and fascinating. For instance, the painting is of an urn that has so many different things on it. The surface is "textured using intricate carving skills and then detailed with a combination of etching and photo transfer techniques". These picture representations on the urn tell "a narrative, and one that is often a perverse tale of the evils of society". What I also found interesting was that his urns "draw inspiration from art history, consumer culture and the sex industries to tell their complex tales - a portrait story". He used glazed ceramic to make this urn, which had people and houses and other different drawings put on the urn. I really liked this picture because I thought the artwork on the urn was so pretty and detailed.

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