Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yoko XII (Twin), 2004

I liked this piece by Don Brown (2004) made from Jesmonite and painted over with white acrylic paint because of how natural and relaxed the figures appear. Usually with sculptures the figures are posing rigidly, regally, or even in mid action. These "twins" are very passive, eyes closed and gently embracing. This is a back view of the sculpture, we have the front view in our text. Also, Brown is known for the scale of his sculptures being 50-75% smaller in size than the actual subjects themselves. The text notes that this artist enjoys playing with and varying the sizes of his works. The subject of this sculpture, Yoko, is Brown's wife, who is the subject for many of his pieces (although he does create self portrait sculptures, or pieces with both he and his wife). I just think this particular piece is really beautiful, it seems to be both innocent and and ambiguously sexual at the same time. I was unable to find out why he chose to include two figures of his wife, as "twins", but I would really like to find out the meaning behind that decision. Overall, very cool work of art.

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