Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Willie Doherty- Non-Specific Threat V (Nauseating Barbarity), 2003

I chose this painting because I liked how everything about the picture was dark, even the man's face, and especially his eyes. "This visual strain reflects the impossibility of discerning the 'real truth' of the situation." He chose to capture a man who seems to look very threatening and could be a dangerous person. This is because Willie Doherty "reflects upon violent and terrorist situations around the world. He analyses how we determine who the enemy is, and by what criteria we judge them." By looking at this picture, people would think that this man could be an enemy and maybe even a potential terrorist. What I found interesting was that the person he chose plays the 'bad guy' in a television series and was chosen because "he didn't change his physical appearance for the role, or for this portrait." Also, I liked the graffiti in the background, which seemed to stand out in the picture, making people associate the man with the graffiti.

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