Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Francis Picabia

This is a portrait painting oil on cardboard by Francis Picabia. I love this painting because there are several images of faces and hands of this woman. The neutral colors of calm me and then there are white flowers in the background with green leaves. There are seashells all over the painting in different sizes. All of these nature filled images in the background expresses a calming and serene background with the seductive girls face and arms. Overall great painting

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  1. Its a warm beautiful painting even more promising than Klimpt's "hope"(s) The layered amalgam reveal the nascence, development, and denouement The varying hue's of ocré magnify the nurturing aspects of the feminine( earth/mother) My initial attraction was subliminal but with each new viewing a bit more became apparent. All his transparencies are interesting but this one caught my eye most.