Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Father- Atul Dodiya

This is Father, made is 2002 by Atul Dodiya. It is made of enamel paint on metal shutters, acrylic an marble dust on canvas. I like this painting because this artist seems to always paint on the surface and random shop metal shutters on the streets in India. The book said with each lifting of the shutters, the painting becomes slightly weathered, and both the physical exertion of the lifting and the weathering of the shutters' surface are integral components of the work of art. I think that the placement is great and that with very opening of that shop the painting becomes almost better in a way. I also think it is weird that the father in the painting almost looks pregnant with something like a umbilical cord coming out f his belly button, but yet he is an old man. I really enjoy this painting and its placement.

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