Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"The New Barbarians" by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

This sculpture by Tim Noble and Sue Webster is called "The New Barbarians" and is made of resin and fiberglass. I think it is very interesting because it is a representation of the modern day barbarians. The faces of the male and female are still very monkey like, but one can tell that they are supposed to be more evolved than what we are used to seeing. The way that the male figure is embracing the female is very unique because when we usually see sculpture like this, the male and female have no contact. Tim Noble and Sue Webster might be alluding to the fact that we have evolved into a more connected society and a compassionate race. The facial expressions on the sculptures are also very different, with the male's face seeming alert and concerned, while the female's expression seems fascinated with something. Tim Noble and Sue Webster's work is usually very humorous and different and I think this sculpture represents that.

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