Tuesday, November 15, 2011

David Cobley's "Blues, Beer and Rock 'n' Roll"

David Cobley's painting entitled "Blues, Beer and Rock 'n' Roll" is a representation of a man sitting in a room with old records and drinking a beer. I really liked this painting because of how well it was painted and the colors that were used to bring the subject to life. I really enjoyed how Cobley painted this work from a different perspective. By looking down on his subject, the viewer is able to see the whole room and not just the subjects face. Everything in the painting is extremely detailed, down to the covers of the records that are shown. It's truly amazing how Cobley was able to portray the man in this way and make him looked so relaxed and so life-like. Currently, Cobley is living in Bath, England and paints a lot of his work based on the people around him.

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